Hello 2012

11 has always been my lucky number.

-My last name is 11 letters, my full name is 22
-I got my driver's license on January 11
-I graduated high school June 11
-I graduated college in the class of 2011

          So without fail 2011 was an amazing year, a rollar coaster of success and failure, of trial and error, of price and cost, and of love and lost.  But there were so many valuable lessons learned, that I take with me into 2012 making me stronger, to build bigger dreams with more accomplishments ahead.  
         New Years is my favorite holiday, because it gives us all a chance to begin again.  We enter a new year, celebrating with sparklers, bubbles, and glitter, all of which make my world a little bit better.  But it also marks a more tangible beginning, when we can see the numbers change, and the old calendars are thrown away, leaving us with a clean slate.  Day 1.  
          We have 365 days to make something great, an addition to our lives or another chapter to include.  I don't know what 2012 will have in store for my life, but I know that it is the beginning, like a bloom ready to open with an elegant beauty for the world to enjoy.

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