The Magic of a Gorgeous Salad

          By my last morning in Boston I had almost gotten used to the unusually warm winter, with crisp air cutting across my cheeks and sunshine on my hair.  Nina and I went to the Palladium, and for just a fast brunch, all their dishes were devilishly tempting.
          Maybe its the artist in me, or the fact that I have an addiction to photographing my latest meal in a feeble attempt to have my pretty dish and eat it too, but I truly appreciate the art of presentation.  With all the mouth watering dishes I've eaten during the past 8 days, this greek salad was by far the most gorgeous combination of colors and textures, with red peppers for lines and triangle pita sections for shapes.  It was a display of edible art.
          There is a subtle magic in a gorgeous salad.  The lettuce tastes fresher, the tomatoes juicier, and the dressing creamier.  A beautiful dish makes life a little more sweeter, and added a brighter moment to my departing day.  Reminiscing about the trip, I wanted to share a few last minute photos from along the way.

Last Minute Boston Moments

Trinity Church & Shopping and Sushi in Back Bay

The Old North Church and Quincy Market

JFK Library and Museum

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