Easter Weekend Snapshots

           Thursday night marked the 22nd year of my lovely friend and old roommate Whitney, so Clayton and I drove from Greensboro to Charlotte to celebrate with her!  Since Clayton and I are traveling souls, where ever we go together, becomes an adventure, even if the drive is only an hour.  We use every excuse possible to let the road and wind strengthen our friendship and our sense of wanderlust.
           Whitney had chose to go to Luce in downtown Charlotte, which had not only creamy carbonara, but of course what I enjoy most, an amazing tiramisu!  After dinner with her family and friends, we all wandered down the next block or two, arriving at Howl at the Moon, the piano bar, and spent the rest of the evening singing along to requested songs and dancing around the table.
Easter Dinner
with my Greensboro Family

          I've been looking for an excuse to have a dinner party for a while now, and since I didn't go home to Concord for Easter Sunday with my parents, I thought it was the perfect reason to clean my apartment, and decoratively arrange fruit!  I even splurged and bought a bouquet a flowers to brighten up the table!
          Serving Chicken Alfredo garnished with my personally grown parsley, the meal was complete with green bean, and a fruit medley. Everyone pitched in with beverages and helpful errands, with a special thanks to my chefs (since though I try, I still haven't mastered the skill of cooking chicken) Manning and Doug, and for the excellent garlic bread from David!  It was such a pretty night we all ate on the porch with the perfect breeze and good conversation though Einstein fought Derek and Vlad for their pasta, and as a true ladies man, loved Lindley!  It was the perfect Easter away from home, sharing the evening with people who make me smile!

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