Gourmet Girl's Night

          Girl's nights with Jenna are usually homemade, saving us money and letting us experiment with new recipes.  Plus, nothing beats an evening of catching up over good food and white wine!
          Jenna's a far better cook than I, so I took over the dessert menu while she whipped up the other two courses of the meal.  For an appetizer we mixed fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados dressed with balsamic vinegar.   As our main course, we had chicken breast with rosemary and a side of squash and red onions baked in olive oil with garlic and pepper.
          Next it was my turn, with limited ingredients (no milk being especially limiting) I choose to make simple peanut butter cookies!  Fast and easy, these crisp cookies are perfect for an after dinner dessert, and the best part is they are only need 4 ingredients!

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