Put it on Ice

          In need of a project, I decided to work on a cooler for one of my friends, adding elements for his favorite things!  Jenna, as my cooler queen with five coolers in her portfolio, guided me through the process.  I never realized how much work it was!

Step 1: Sand the cooler
Step 2: Rinse with acetone nail polish to remove residue
Step 3: Tape off any surfaces that need to be paint-free
Step 4: Prime
Step 5: Print out any elements that can be traced
Step 6: Trace onto white tissue paper
Step 7:  Transfer from the tissue paper to the cooler with a Sharpie
Step 8:  Paint :D
Step 9:  3-4 coats of Modge Podge
Step 10:  Spray with fusion spray
Step 11:  Buy ice and beverages of choice :D

         To surprise him, I brought it with us to the lake (you may have noticed from the lake photos), so we could spend the whole weekend on a boat with cold beverages in hand!

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  1. Absolutely stunning and so creative!! I adore this !!




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