Battle Royale

Coming in from getting groceries, I found on my back windshield, a bit a nature on my car.  So of course, I photographed it!  

          I wonder what kind of spider this is, because he's my favorite color!


  1. If I was the one to spot a spider I would have freaked out and ran away far far from it!! :P

    San here!
    Following you on Bloglovin' too!! :)
    Good day!!

  2. Soooooo remember how in my last comment I said I'm a weirdo because I'm obsessed with identifying every bug I see (spiders in particular)? Well...that's a flower crab spider. They actually change colors to match whatever flower they're chilling in, so chances are that little guy was in a yellow flower shortly before he found his way onto your windshield!


    1. That's so awesome! I was wondering what it was! I've seen several of them around my apartment! I also love that you know that! I definitely tend to blog about bugs often, probably because my last apartment was full of them so making the best out of a bad situation I just made friends with them and took their picture. haha!



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