Laborless Labor Day

          Long Weekends are amazing things!  I wish every week was only four days; I feel like I would be more motivated to get things done faster if they were!  However sometimes I feel more tired than I was before the weekend began.  But it was Good Weekend #2 of this fall, or really the end of summer I suppose.  And what better way to spend the last week of summer, than at the lake.
        Meeting the boys there, we spent three days on the water, in the water, and around the water.  With dock lanterns glowing, herons flying by and fish nibbling on toes, just spending afternoons cruising by on the boat as the sun shines down, makes me completely relax and just enjoy the moment with everyone and everything in it.  So here are a few snaptured moments from another weekend at Badin Lake!


  1. Love this lack of labor you've captured here. =)

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  2. Looks like so much fun! high five for three day weekends.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. That's great. Anyway in your new follower. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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