Sketchbook #3

Good morning and welcome to the beginning of a new week!  If you're a new reader, let me start off by saying WELCOME!  I'm so grateful to have you here and I can't wait to meet you all!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my completed sketchbook pages!  I've gotten behind on posting them, and while I was working on my insect drawings, which you can find here, my sketchbook got put on hold.  But this weekend I finally pulled it out again and got to spend several pretty days on my porch just sketching!

Tomorrow Vlad and I will venture down to Florida to spend the week on the sandy beaches in the warm sunshine!  I can't wait!  I've never been to the Miami area and never really went on a classic spring break trip during college, so I'm beyond excited for this vacation!  Be looking for some amazing posts when I get back to the Carolinas, because I've already got my camera ready!

Please don't forget to enter into the giveaway below, (on the last post) there's a big chance you could win!  The giveaway will close tomorrow at noon, so go check out Jennifer's blog here and comment on the blog post here to enter and that gorgeous print could be all yours!


  1. wow, your sketches are brilliantly fantastic :) New follower

  2. Wow you are so amazingly talented, I love these! :)

  3. Such talent! Hi! Newest follower here from the Nice to Meet You hop! Glad I found you!

  4. You are full of surprises! I never knew you did sketches!
    From one artist to another, they are brilliant. I love the details and the shades too.

  5. What a talent you have! Hello. I saw you at the hop social and I am your newest follower in GFC from http://inhighheelsanddogtags.blogspot.jp/. I look forward to seeing you over at my blog next :)

  6. You are very talented. Those sketches are amazing.

  7. New follower (GFC) from the Aloha Blog Hop. Love the great photos on your blog. Your sketches are amazing!!! I look forward to more browsing of your blog! If you have some spare time please visit my blog www.marvinsdaughters.blogspot.com Have a nice weekend and thank you for sponsoring the blog hop!!


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