Let me just start off by immediately saying: I love aquariums!  I can never go to too many of them.  They are all completely different and I'm always so excited for an aquarium trip.  This summer the Greensboro Science Center (formerly the Natural Science Center) is opening their brand new addition of a Sciquarium!  And it's literally a half mile from my apartment, so I'm pretty excited to spend many summer afternoons there!  

I don't really know when my amazement of aquariums started.  I'm not a big beach-goer, and I hate going deep into the ocean, as a matter of fact I won't get any further than my knees unless I'm endlessly coaxed and my hand is held.  But yet I love watching the water and the things that live in it.  I certainly have a deep respect their space and their world. 

Vlad and I spent an entire day at the Miami Seaquarium, taking in dolphin and killer whale trick shows and watching the sea lions show off for their audiences. But my favorite part of the day by far was hand feeding pieces of fish to the sting rays.  It was an unbelievable feeling being able to stroke their backs as they swam by.  I thought they would be slimy, like many water-dwelling creatures, but instead they were soft, like silk streaming by the tips of your fingers.  The sting rays were definitely one of the biggest highlights of my entire Florida trip!  

I hope you find something that can connect you back to mother nature as this warmer season begins.  It certainly reminds you of the bigger picture and lets you remember how to look at the small things with a greater appreciation.


  1. This looks like a blast! I love your photos.

  2. This looks so fun! I love sea creatures! And your photos are great. :)

  3. ahhh I hate that I live so close to all these places and ahve never been! I need to go, it looks amazing! Great pictures love!

    1. Love the pics! I don't live nearby or I would love to go. I followed you on GFC.


  4. We have quite a bit of aquariums in San Diego and I love visiting them as often as I can. We even at one time had our own 100 gallon salt water tank in our house - sea life is quite calming to look at.

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  6. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing with us, I like each one of them. Arrive from TGIF hop, and happy to follow.



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