Dragonfly on the Stairs

Happy Monday everyone!  I want to start off by apologizing for my lack of recent posts.  April truly was a month of change, and during these past few weeks I've started a new job, worked on several projects, and have just been trying to get my life a little more in order for the upcoming summer!  But now as things are finally settling down, I can refocus on personal hobbies including my art and this lovely blog!  Thank you all so much for being patient with me! 

To begin this May, I wanted to add an addition to my bug collection!  While bringing in groceries on an overcast Tuesday, I found this guy perched, ever so gently, clinging to the staircase railing.  Without moving a leg or fluttering a wing, he sat so calmly just enjoying the mid-afternoon.  I couldn't pass up such a perfect moment, so of course I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera before he flew away.

I found such a beauty in the ornate details of his body.  I'd never really been able to see a dragonfly up close, as they usually are buzzing so quickly by, but as this one rested peacefully, I could now notice how beautifully patterned they are!  Even the symmetrical wings that glistened in just the right light with a prism of colors, are so breathtaking in their uneven web of lines.  He reminded me that even the smallest things can have unique splendor to them.  I finally took the time to stop and really see the dragonfly!


  1. These pictures, or rather moments, are so full of romance. I love the nostalgic tone of the first, and the half veiled body of the third brings about a sense of mystery. It seems, as if, it is trying to whisper a coveted secret to the wooden frame.

  2. wow you got really beautiful photos! i'm a little squeamish around all bugs, but these photos are fantastic. great work!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. Absolutely beautiful, you managed to get some amazing shots!



  4. Gosh, he's gorgeous! And you're right, it is hard to see these little guys up close, as they always have somewhere to be. We get hoards of them out here in the late summer, they dot the sky like constellations. Whenever I look up and see them in the summer heat, I'm always reminded of the years before, and it's such a wonderful feeling.

  5. I love the pattern of its wings. So lovely :D

  6. Wow, these photos are incredible. Good job from the dragonfly for staying still long enough

  7. I really like how you got all of the details (is that the right word?). I mean, you even got the bits of dust on his/her wings. That's is beyond impressive. And I second the kudos for the dragonfly. They are not ones to sit around idly. This was ready for the his or her closeup, apparently. What kind of camera do you use?


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