Back to Badin

It was a soothing moment, standing alone on the dock after a North Carolina summer afternoon thunderstorm, the light just shining behind billowing clouds as a family flock of 50 Canadian geese glided by.  Sometimes all it takes to get back to yourself is to get back to the water.  For years I've cherished summer weekends at the lake, so spending the first weekend of this summer on Badin Lake with friends, dogs and wildlife was a perfect getaway.

On a midmorning ride, we parked the boat to let the dogs run along the rocky bank to release some of their energy.  The water was quiet this weekend, so still you could see the rocks under the small waves constantly going in and out off the bank.  Picking up rocks and pebbles that caught my eye, I was amazed by the collection of colors I held in my hand.  Gifts from the lake that were like gorgeous gems.

This was the first weekend I've been to the lake with my trusted Nikon companion and I had a field day snapping photos of all kinds of small things that I've passed a hundred times, but now see it a little differently through the eye of the lens.  The waterfront has an altered atmosphere with unique vegetation, insects, and textures then that of a cityscape.

I'm sure I'll have several lake posts this summer, so I hope you enjoy them and that they can add a little summer fling to wherever you may be!


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