Charlotte Nightlife: Exploring Breweries and Wine Shops in Style

The city of Charlotte and surrounding areas are ripe with opportunity as far as high quality drink destinations. Wine and beer has always been a part of the community, but you can't deny that local made options have been becoming more popular. Spending your money at these locally owned spots is a fantastic way to help the economy in Charlotte and simultaneously enjoy flavorful food and drink with friends.

The atmosphere of wine tasting venues and breweries can vary wildly from one spot to the next, and this is great news for groups as well as adventurous individuals. If you're looking for something laid back, you can consider heading to an intimate wine tasting setting, and the same is true for those who tend to gravitate toward high energy breweries. We're here with a few of the most popular wine tasting options and breweries in Charlotte. Consider this line up the next time you're planning a night out!

Foxcroft Wine Company
Foxcroft is the prime destination for wine lovers in Charlotte, and for good reason. This Dilworth wine shop not only has a selection that will make your head spin in the best possible way, but they also have a menu with a variety of delicious tapas such as truffle fries, cheese plates, and flat breads. If someone in the group isn't big on wine, don't worry, they also have plenty of craft beer options.

Wooden Robot Brewery
Next head to South End for the coffee and vanilla blonde ale, Good Morning Vietnam, which happens to be the most ordered pint at Wooden Robot. If the weather is agreeable, the outdoor space has a pleasant vibe with lighting and furniture. It gets pretty busy on the weekends which is a testament to the quality of the beer that they're serving up. There's truly a little something for everybody at this Charlotte brewery!

Legion Brewing
The specialty small batch brews of Legion come in creative flavors that you've never had before. We also love that the head brewer here is a woman! There's a good variety of board games to choose from for entertainment as well as multiple televisions for other game fans. The dark cherry sour brew will definitely delight your taste buds. With a younger crowd drawn here, Legion is one of the best breweries in Plaza Midwood.

Another worthy suggestion to consider is the addition of professional Transportation in Charlotte to your brewery or winery hop. After enjoying these beverages, it's always a good idea to plan how you'll get around town and back home when all is said and done. Limousines and party buses are especially worthy for groups because you can split the cost among friends so that it turns out to be as affordable as a car service with a whole lot more to look forward to. You can even venture outside of Charlotte to expand your selection of wine venues and breweries.

Have fun on your night out and have a beer for me!


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