The Antics of Einstein

          A story is never interesting without main characters.  And isn't every blog a story?  Don't readers follow a blog to catch up on the next chapter?  Well to add a character to my story; meet Einstein.  
          He was adopted from Second Chance Kitten and Cat Rescue located in Concord, NC after he and his sister (who already found a loving home) had been abandoned, malnourished and in desperate need of care and love.  He was given the name before I meet him and I didn't have the heart to change it when it fit him so well.  With his tuffs of fur, crazy whiskers that he continuously breaks off, and his little white mustache, he really couldn't look like any other name.  But it was also fitting since he has learned his new environment, his name, and the word treat so quickly.  He follows me from room to room and puts his paws on my nose so he can lick it without me "wiggling so much".  He can't say anything to me, both figuratively and literally since he hasn't quite gained the ability to meow yet, though he faithfully tries only no sound comes out.  His personality shines out and I can almost see what he would say if he could, like "Mom, what are you working on? You don't mind me sitting here do you?  I'm right here mom!"
          My little kitten companion, always dressed his best in a tuxedo and gloves, keeping a watchful eye on me at all times, even if he's not on my lap he's somewhere close just waiting, so when I move he can follow.

So giving you our best,
-Hannah and Einstein. 

Happy Birthday to the most amazing man I know, my Dad! :D

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