Today in the Garden

Since I've graduated, I have moved into my very own 1 bedroom apartment, which is really one section of a tri-plex house on a quiet street in Greensboro, where the neighbors kids play in the afternoon after school and the same elderly couple walk their dogs in the evening.  For fear of having a whole house to myself I bought a kitten for a companion.  Einstein with his tuxedo coloring, a white mustache and crazy whiskers, is both an activity kitten and also a loving pet.

Deciding I also needed a hobby to occupy some of my time and to have something relaxing to do when the stress of the continuous job search piles on my shoulders, I choose gardening.

However since I'm renting an apartment and don't know how long I'll be in one place, my garden consists of a variety of flower pots and containers on my front porch.  While I've always loved plants, I've never been able to grow them for very long, so while gardening is supposed to be a beautiful and rewarding hobby, it also was my own personal challenge.  What started off with a few herbs last month, has now grown into 23 containers of plants, mainly herbs and succulents, but there's also a bonsai tree and some bamboo.

Every little thing that happens in my garden brings me a little hope each morning, like today when I walked out to drink a cup of tea, I noticed my chives plant blossomed overnight.  Each one of those tiny silk white petals is a little success for me.  I must have done something right to earn a flower.

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