Post-Grad Mortem

          We all have labels.  Some others give us, but there are many we give ourselves.  I label myself as daughter, designer, and reader.  But there are several labels that recently I have lost sight of, such as student.  As a new school year begins for so many people surrounding me I feel a little disconnected from a world that I was, up until recently, so involved with.  I know that graduation is an accomplishment to be proud of, but now as the class of 2011 steps into a new world, the waters are murky and the journey is unclear.  What has always been my main focus for the past 21 years is now completed.  So nothing seems quite the same as it used to when everyday was an unquestionable routine.
          And with the completion of an BFA in Design from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the lack of specific classes has started a disengagement from the designer I was three months ago.
          However, since nothing is planned now, anything can happen.  So this is my step out of the infinite scatterbrained moment that I've been stuck in, and my step back to the artist I am and the life long learner I want to be.  This is also a chance to give myself new labels, maybe things like gardener, yogi, or chef (or at least a cook that doesn't burn macaroni).  With a new routine, I have an opportunity that only arrives at pivotal moments in life.  A pivotal moment like being a college graduate with no where to look but ahead.

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