Today in the Garden.

Cucumbers:  The perfect  spiral.  The beginning of a vine that will bring length and produce. And the bud of a yellow flower that will soon unfold into an elegant silk beauty.

Dill: The tiny flowers add just the hint of color. My dill plant itself is also over a foot tall!

Succulents:  Of all my succulents, this plant has noticeably grown the most! Almost an inch in             height!

Viola: For growing flowers, my thumb hasn't been the greenest, but after the seeds in this container have been sown for over a month and a half, my viola plants are finally sprouting!   Those five tiny leaves show me I did at least one thing right!  However, out of 20 seeds only five have sprouted even the faintest green leaves, but hopefully the ones that have will continue to!


          As it is the one thing that provides all life, it also has amazing additions to other parts of life.  As I mentioned in a previous post, full sunlight can change the shade and color of certain succulents.  Here is the plant when I first bought it, and now what it has grown into on the full sun porch after three weeks.  It went from a dark plum only on about a third of the plant to now a brighter maroon that cover three fourths of the leaves.  Not only has the plant grown but the color has deepened into a much richer purple.
                           Before...                                          After

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