Succulent Garden

          Planting succulents, which are generally hardy and low-maintainence can really add a modern look to your home or garden.  Why spend $20 on a fake plant when you can easily have the real ones at a lower cost and can personalize them to your own taste and decor.  
          I found these two containers at the local thrift store for less than a dollar each, making these unique centerpieces with easy up keep.  Just be sure to pick a container that has good drainage, which you can either add to any container by drilling a hole, or without the use of power tools, provide by adding gravel or stones on the bottom as a drainage layer.  
          What I've learned from this project:  that succulent plants can come in all different shades and hues, several like the "Perle von Nurnberg", a variety of Echeveria (which is the succulent most people can recognize) is a tint of purple or pink, and the "Black Prince" is black with a purple or green middle.  I was also surprised to learn that some green plants turn into a plum shade in full sun.  Also many varieties have gorgeous flowers of lavender or bright orange or golden yellow.  Some even flower in winter, which is a nice splash of color against a season of few flowering plants. Succulents have made an interesting addition and texture to my porch garden!   

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