Today in the Garden

          Today I walked out to the porch and started to notice several more beautiful things happening...

LOVAGE:  My lovage sprouted a new stem and the leaves finally started spreading out and unfolding!

Medieval Magic & beliefs: Lovage was commonly used in love potions. In addition the plant also acted as a sentry of the home; if planted in front of the house lovage was supposed to keep off all evil forces, such as plague, snakes, insects etc.
Historical notes: Given the plants medical and magical powers, it is no wonder that lovage was an extremely important herb during the Middle Ages. Therefore a garden without this plant would be very rare.

BASIL-Since basil is one of the few annual plants in my little garden, it's almost time for its leaves to fall.  But I did get one last flowering of little white petals!
And it looks like I'm expecting my first flower from my succulent plants!  or at least some new petals opening!

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