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          My new years resolution for 2010 was to travel to 5 new places I had never been before.  And since I had only been to four states in the US, the choices seemed endless. With friends spread across the nation, in many cases I either got the chance to stay with friends I don't see often or at least was able to spend time with them in their city.  After accomplishing my resolution, and enjoying it so much I decided to keep it up.  So far I've been to:

2010:    Charleston, South Carolina
           Los Angeles, California (and surrounding areas)
           Ashevillie, North Carolina (for the Belle Chere festival)
           Williamsburg, Virginia
           The Outer Banks of North Carolina

2011:    New York, New York
           Indianapolis, Indiana
           Chicago, Illinois

          Now I'm on to the fourth place of 2011! I've decided to go to Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina, to see the peak season of the leaves changing!  This is such a beautiful time of year with bold colors and I've never seen them in the mountains, so thats my goal for the weekend!

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