Banner Elk Winery

Banner Elk Winery
          On the first day of our trip to the Blue Ridge we thought it'd be nice to visit a small, quiet winery.  Located in a valley, the scene was breathtaking, glowing with an orange and gold light from the surrounding trees.  I had never been to a winery or even a wine tasting since I've turned 21 over a year ago, so it was an opportunity to learn a lot about the process of winemaking as well as the different kinds of wine.  Such as, that one of the differences in red and white wines is that white wine grapes are pressed and only the juices goes through the fermentation process, and red wine grapes are fermented with the pulps, skins, and juice, giving it the common deep red color.  I was also intrigued with the fact that different types of oak or wood make the wine taste differently, so they put different varieties in either American Oak or French Oak depending on how they want the end result to taste.
          After a short tour, we had a wine tasting of six different kinds, 2 reds, 2 whites, and 1 rose.  My favorite was the Banner Elk White, a sweeter, lighter wine as perfect for the cool afternoon, however Ioan preferred the Banner Elk Red.  

Wine Tasting List
(from the winery itself)
2008 Seyval Blanc
          Our Seyval Blanc is a crisp white wine with delicate undertones of citrus and melon.  Seyval Blanc is a French hybrid varietal known for its resistance to the cold.  The Seyval Blanc is a great summer wine to enjoy on the porch, and pairs well with seafood, cheeses, and entrees such as roasted duck and veal. 

Banner Elk White
         The Banner Elk White is a softer white wine composed of Seyval Blanc, Traminette and Viogner.  Complex flavors of citrus, honey, apricot and orange make this wine an exceptional delight when paired with spicy foods, grilled salmon, and a mild cheese.

High Country Rose
          This unique wine is single varietal Rose made from the Stuebun grape.  Unique for being a dry Rose, this wine is characterized by flavors of cranberry, strawberry with a green apple tart finish.  Our Rose pairs well with cheese, pesto-and-garlic based pasta dishes, as well as roasted chicken and barbecue.

Banner Elk Red
          The Banner Elk Red is a winemaker's blend of Petite Syrah, Marechal Foch and Cabernet Franc. Smooth and light-bodied, this wine displays earthy tones with a peppery, oak finish.  This wine will couple well with steak, fresh pasta marinara or braised lamb.

Marechal Foch
          Our Marechal Foch is made from 100% Marechal Foch grapes, a luscious French American hybrid with soft tannins coupled with blackberry and cherry undertones.  This Foch has a smooth velvety finish and is an excellent match with creamy cheese, red bases pastas and cheesecake.

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
          A gold medal winner in the North Carolina State Fair for the past 2 years, this full-bodied, well-structured Cabernet Sauvignon displays a balance of dark fruit and mature tannins with a very bold finish.  Being a traditional Cabernet, this wine will pair well with prime rib, roasted duck, lamb and artisan cheeses.

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