The Shoppes at Mauzy

          Here is yet another one of my must-do's when in Lacey Spring, Virginia.  These shoppes are exquisitely located in an early 1800's stagecoach inn.  Complete with the surrounding buildings of the era as well, including a jail, ice house, general store, and the school house. 
          Each room inside the main house has a different theme, ranging from cowboy western style, to feminine china and delicacies, to wilderness and bears.  The displays are creative and intriguing and you are bound to find something to catch your interest whether you are fond of antiques or looking for fresh season decorations!
          The most history I know is from a few brief signs that were posted inside each building and I have reposted them for you below.  However history feels alive places like this with their traditions and preservation.  Particularly in this pocket of history, the southern traits run strong and their heritage is still celebrated, as you'll notice in the pictures below, by the displays of Confederate Generals, George Washington and the American flag.  Southern culture from the early 1800s is still very much intact today.
The General Store
          "In the 1800's Mauzy was a small town called Sparta.  This building was a general store and post office.  A counter ran the length of the building with shelves, drawers and bins along the wall behind.  The customer would ask for an item and the storekeeper would take it from the shelf and put it on the counter.  Across the Valley Pike (the road) from the General Store was a tavern called Hayes Tavern. There is evidence of other buildings not still standing such as a barn, stables, and dwellings."
The Jail
          "This was a lockup of some sort.  We suppose prisoners or slaves being transported would be kept here while their captor stayed in the Inn.  The bars in the windows are original but the cell inside is staging."

The Ice House
          "This part of the ice house was filled to the roof with ice that had been cut from the creek and stacked under sawdust in this room.  Notice the heavy window sill above the West wall."
The School House

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