Sketchbook #2


          There are some people, few people, who have the gift of being able to say exactly what they mean at exactly the right moment.  While I can find beautiful words and string them together like crystal beads on a silver chain, my timing is inevitably wrong.  I find now that life is full of moments.  We don't remember our life as a timeline simply flowing together in perfect sequence, but rather as hundreds of moments that we piece together in a order of cause and effect.  There are moments that I can barely breathe, either from searing pain straight from the soul or from absolute to the sky bliss.  But the breaths that bring the moments of healing are in clarity of self, when I realize exactly what I have in front of me, what I have left behind, and what I love the most.  Moments of balance between reality and  ideals, between head and heart, and between what could be and what will be, are the moments of insight.  There are things in this life that I want above anything else, people I love so much it hurts, and moments that balance those two realities that make me who I am and help me become who I want to be.  This is my balance, my insight, and my challenge to be a better person to have moments where I can say exactly what I mean at exactly the right moment.

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