Happiness is an emotion not a destination.  We may not be happy all the time, but if we decide that we can be happy in this moment, then we can let ourselves cherish the day.  So I've been surrounding myself with things that make me happy.  I exchanged my matching orange pillowcases with one that my grandmother embroidered and one that I had on my very first big girl bed when I was two.  They comfort me when a moment of tribulation arrives and offer a sense of hope that when I wake up the sun will have risen on a better day.
          And when there are days that I feel the least motivated or in need of something productive to do, I give myself a challenge, or a project, something that will give me an accomplishment.  Something that will make me happy in that moment. Something that will save me from a moment of doubt.  Cupcakes save me.  Especially vanilla cupcakes with homemade butterscotch frosting and green sprinkles!
Finished Cupcakes!

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