A Good Day For An Adventure

          I've definitely been in need for some time away from Greensboro to gain some new perspective, and my wanderlust soul is always ready for a new adventure, so I'm beginning this one in Brooklyn, New York.

          Here are some pictures from my lovely window seat on the train. I saw sunrise in Kannapolis, NC and sunset just after Washington, DC. We get lost in the cycle of days, but its the ones we can watch the world go by that we come back to ourselves.

          P.S. Happy Groundhog Day. The prediction stands that'll we'll be seeing 6 more weeks of winter, however the fully sprouted daffodills in my parents backyard will be highly disappointed.  Did u know that since 1887 (with a few years missing from record) the groundhog has seen his shadow 99 times, leaving an early spring prediction only 16 times!

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