History in Stone


          Boston has always been a place known for its history.  And walking through the aisles of lives past, in the company of Paul Revere and soldiers of the Revolutionary War, I wonder who they were, and what their world was like.  When Boston was only a few buildings wide, in the 1700's, it was a different time but yet somehow the people feel the same to me, like if i could talk to them I would be able to relate my life to theirs, even in some far stretched way. The memory of their lives are stand decorated with emblems of angels and skeletons to represent symbols of respect from their time.  As the sun shone on their memorial stones, beautifully weathered with years of age, like a spotlight showing me the way through the path these people created.  So as I create my own, I can only be grateful to the heartaches, struggles, and accomplishments that where conquered by those before me.

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