Afterthoughts and Revolutions

So Long, Farewell Boston,
but lets have a recap of my Beantown Adventure

          As some may know, every year I strive to go to 5 new places every year, and this year I got an early start visiting two new places in one trip.  Since this started as a resolution two years ago now, I've done my best to accomplish it.  2010 was a year of adventuring with friends, 2011 became a year of traveling with romance by my side and so for 2012 I decided it was time to have a journey of solidarity, where I could take time for myself to think and grow.

Year 2010: Charleston SC, Los Angeles CA, Asheville NC, Williamsburg VA, Outer Banks NC
Year 2011:  New York NY, Indianapolis IN, Chicago IL, Grandfather Mountain NC

Year 2012: 1) Boston, Massachusetts
                   2) Brooklyn, New York

Firsts in Boston:  Tried Lobster
                            Been to a Brewry
                            Tried a Cannoli
                            Been to a NBA Game
                            Tried Mochi

Sights I Saw:      Nichols House Museum
                           Harpoon's Brewry Tour
                           JFK Museum
                           Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)
                           Isabelle Gardner Museum

Brooklyn:    Seen the Brooklyn Bridge
                           The Metropolitan Museum of Art

          When I left Greensboro, I was looking for answers.  Or maybe for a path.  And I thought that when those 11 days were over, I'd feel even more anxious then before I left.  But instead I found a calmness I hadn't expected to find in a place where every street is busy and every person has a mission.
          This week was about being able to start making decisions with a perspective so I surrounded myself everyday with amazing art, beautiful food, and positive energy.  It brought a part of my back to life.  Plus, there's just nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon shopping at Bloomingdales in Soho, with one of your best friends, sipping on mango spritzers in wine glasses and chocolate covered strawberries being passed around.
          Right now I am the best version of myself.  I carry a serenity with me and I have brought back a different kind joy to my life, realizing that distance is only a number of miles, not a number of steps to something else.  When we surround ourselves with ideas and people that inspire us, we tend to let our souls free and let ourselves live in a contentment that encourages creation, happiness and love.  Going home to greensboro, I can feel myself glowing, ready for anything, and letting what may come into my life with no hesitation.

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