Place 3: Garden City, South Carolina

         As my 3rd place for 2012,  Garden City was the perfect escape for a relaxing, girls weekend.  Still in the off season, the quiet beach and blue grey waves were just what I was in desperate need of.  Driving down after work to meet up with my lovely ladies Jessi and Erin, I could already feel the sand in my hair and a cool glass of wine in my hands.  We spent the weekend doing things that you never seem to have time for once you start growing up, like playing board games, napping during the day on the beach, making homemade tacos, going for a walk to enjoy the wildlife, playing on the rocks, and watching the sun set over the indigo Murrells Inlet.  Enjoying a cup of coffee and playing with a piece of seaglass I found amongst the shards of shells, I watched the palm trees sway from side to side to a melody only the wind could play.  We took the opportunity on Friday night to dress up and go to a nice seafood restaurant, as is precedent during any beach getaway.  It was a perfect weekend to settle the mind and soothe the soul as only girls weekends can do...

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