Golf Day

          Monday, September 10th, was the GTCC (Guilford Technical Community College) annual golf tournament. This grand event is a fundraiser for student scholarships and is a big contributor every year.  Sunday evening marks the beginning of the tournament with a pairings party and a live auction.  Partnering with the Wyndham Championship, GTCC held the events at the Sedgefield Country Club, built in 1926 and retaining its regal qualities from the turn of the century, when the golf that was played here was known around the globe.
          It really was a perfect day for a golf game!  It was one of the first days that you could finally feel autumn in the air.  Cooler in the morning, with a sausage biscuit and coffee in hand, the shotgun start (which is where every team begins at a different hole and rotates around the course until they've completed all 18 holes) made the tournament go by smoothly as the teams circulated the course.
          I was one of two photographers for the day, taking team photos that the players would take home as part of their souvenir package.  I got my own golf cart for the day and my very first Ralph Lauren golf shirt with an emerald green horse and GTCC embroidered on the sleeve.  It was so gorgeous outside, spending the day cruising around a golf course with a camera seemed quite perfect!  Here are a few of my snaptured shots from the tournament!


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  5. Great pictures! Sounds like a fantastic day (:


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