Corner Bar

Corner Bar is one of Greensboro's local dive bars that's been a place where we've all congregated on weekends for years.  It's a place where you can sit in the booths or on top of them, play a game of pool, enjoy the fancy jukebox, or play a few arcade games.  For us, it's become a place where we celebrate weekends or birthdays, honor lost loved ones or exboyfriends, or have a girls night out or a "Greensboro family" night together.  It also happens to be one of my favorite places to go during the holidays because it's so festive, with it's cozy atmosphere, strings of light and stockings, and of course the annual upside down Christmas tree and Santa Clause!

I also happened to find a new Iphone App that transforms your camera into a personal, portable photobooth, which of course we couldn't resist using for our entire Saturday night.  So here's a post of us being silly on Instagram and Photobooth; a piece of our holiday to share with you!
With Love,
Hannah, Vlad, Lindley, Nic, Emma, & Eric


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  4. Brilliant! I love the yellow and small design ideas; on the one hand it’s simple,

    on the other is so creative! Shows an interesting spirit of the owner for sure…
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