Ridgeway Lights

I wish that photos could do this Greensboro street justice, but alas its just one of the world's wonders that is just better in person.

Every year Ridgeway Street and several neighboring streets put up this beautiful light display for the holidays.  What started as one neighborhood, quickly flowed through Greensboro as a decorating tradition, and has become somewhat infamous.  Hung anywhere from three feet to three hundred feet in the air, these simple balls of chicken wire and Christmas lights create an amazing scene to drive through.  They are all different colors and shapes, some are even peace signs or stars, but together they have a seemingly endless effect.

As the display has become more popular, the tenants have used it to bring charity to others, by hosting canned food drop off points throughout the streets and presenting the "Running of the Balls" marathon event, complete with t-shirts and hot chocolate for the participants.

Ellie showed me this street of lights our freshmen year of college as a surprise for me, and now every year since, I drive down Ridgeway several times of week just to enjoy the colorful glow.  If you're ever in Greensboro, NC around Christmas, its worth the drive to see the Greensboro Christmas Balls.


  1. that is AWESOME! How far is this from Fayetteville? I'm obviously nowhere near this place but my brother and his wife live at the army base there and I'm sure would love this if it isn't too far of a drive! By the way, I just found your blog from the Tea on Tuesday hop! Excited to be following you now :) Man o man I wish I lived there so I could see that place at Christmas!

  2. Not too far away from me! Love christmas lights.

  3. Gorgeous! And it looks just like Christmas! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Lights are my favourite thing about Christmas.

  5. Wow, that is an impressive display - the lights look gorgeous! Stopping by from the tea on tuesday blog hop :)


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