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This year I've been looking forward to starting something new here at Thirsty World, but with work, snow, and other events, it's taken me a few weeks to get it started!  But now I'm pleased to introduce Cocktails & Mocktails, which will be a monthly post presenting a fancy and festive, seasonal drink for you to try out!  

I also hope you can enjoy some of the other small changes I've made to Thirsty World, including a new pages sidebar and BRAND NEW buttons, which you can find on the Sponsors & Buttons page!  I have several more new things to add to my lovely corner of the web and am excited to share them with you soon!

I'm certainly not a bartender, but since I was younger, I've been mixing different drinks to see what they would taste like together.  This fascination may have all began with the Witch Doctor, a hometown favorite that consists of several different sodas, cherry flavoring and three round pickle slices.  Yes, I know, it sounds slightly disturbing, but I can promise you it's tastes amazing (given you like pickles)!  In eighth grade, my old friend Lyndsey and I, of course at a sleep over, stayed up past midnight (it was eighth grade, so that way past our bedtime) and made concoctions of cranberry juice, sparkling fruit juice and cherry seven up (when that first arrived on grocery store shelves).  We even put it into pretty glasses and took pictures of our homemade mocktail!  We were so proud!  Ever since then, I've been mixing drinks from soda machines, adding fruit to beverages and gladly making holiday punches! So now I've decided to share some of my favorite experiments with you!  And as always, I can't wait to hear what you think!

So without further ado, I give you 
The Byzantium Grape!

1 part grape juice
1 part pomegranate juice
add a little club soda for some bubbles
and throw in a few blackberries for garnish  

1 part grape juice
1 part pomegranate juice
1 part red wine (I prefer burgundy)
and still adding in a few blackberries for garnish  

I love this as a winter choice because it's a little heavier than other citrus options and a little wine will deepen the grape juice and warm the whole drink.  The sweet grape juice with a hint of bitterness from the pomegranate and blackberries adds just a little contrast to make this simple drink a little more festive!  So keep warm this January and enjoy The Byzantium Grape!


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  4. One - I found you through BBN today. Two - you take gorgeous photos! (Specifically the snow day ones in the previous post.) Three - these drinks both look so yummy, and so easy! Glad I found you and your cute blog :)

  5. Those are some big, beautiful blackberries!

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  7. Ohhhhhh yummmm!! I love the idea of a mocktail, I don't drink so this is perfect for me! How fun and fancy! :) Can't wait to try!

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  8. Looks delicious, and beautiful photos.

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