The Annual Fairweather Puzzle

Every family has their own traditions and things that make the holidays comforting and cozy.  I don't remember what year began The Annual Fairweather Puzzle, but every year we choose a puzzle before Thanksgiving and then put it together during the Christmas season.  When I was in college we had a whole month to work on it, but now with a shorter time table, we spend more time around the dining room table putting together our puzzle every night.  Anyone who comes to our house is encouraged to help put a few pieces in the frame and it has become infamous to those who know us. ((you can see last year's puzzle here!))  This particular holiday tradition is one close to my heart, and has become the perfect way to savor a quiet moment with my family, defeating the hectic hustle and bustle this time of year tends to be!


  1. That is the best tradition. I love that it is something that everyone can contribute to and that it's something quiet to do during the craziness of the season.

    I wish you many more puzzle-filled Christmases!


  2. That's such a great idea!! Love the cat :)

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  4. That sounds like such a great tradition. My husband and I are trying to start our own family holiday traditions and I think something like that would be great.

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    What an absolutely wonderful tradition! So old-fashioned, so homey. I love it!!!

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  7. My family does puzzles too! Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,

  8. This really is a great tradition! I am looking for things to start with my own family during the holidays...I'll have to try this.!

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  10. This is such a neat tradition. Growing up, my mother and I would make a weekend out of putting together a good puzzle. I never thought about doing it as a family during the holidays, I'm sure she'd love that idea! I'm one of your newer followers from the blog GFC blog hop! Feel free to follow my blog www.shainarenae.blogspot.com I can't wait to read your future posts :)


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