One year ago yesterday, I published this post on Frank Liske Park in my hometown.  After looking back on 2012, I thought it would be fun to go back to the park the same day one year later and take some new photos!  I can tell how much I've learned about my camera since then (which was around the time I had first purchased it) and I can see so many new things that I had overlooked the first time.  Growing up, my Dad and I used to go to the park on countless Sunday afternoons when the sun was shining and the sky was clear, just to get some fresh air and have a little adventure.  So we took the opportunity to go together again and see where the trail would lead us this time!  

Going to the park in the winter is always more interesting to me, because without all the pretty flowers and sprouting grass, the texture of nature is more prominent than the decoration.  Every where you look you can see vibrant colors and bold patterns in the hot pink berries, periwinkle fungi or the red speckled bark.  It's hard not to find the beauty in a tiny mushroom or in the mint green moss catching the sunlight with so many small elements attracting your attention.

Walking through the last stretch of trail we stopped to visit the dock, which is home to paddle boats in spring time but during the winter month becomes home base for the flock of Canadian Geese.  Leaving the park after three hours of strolling through a bit of nature, I had so many pictures I could barely choose which ones to post, which probably explains why I included so many, but I hope you enjoy them!

I've also started posting several of these photos, and a few extra ones I didn't include, with free color schemes attached and available for use on my page here.   Happy Adventuring!


  1. Love the nature pics, there's always something to capture outside! :) Danica

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  3. Wow! Just wow! An absolute feast for the eyes.

  4. Gorgeous photos! Amazing finds for January!

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  6. love your pictures, they are just beautiful!

  7. Wow! I always love photography. These are really beautiful! We have geese here called Egyptian Geese, because of the markings around their eyes as if painted by Egyptians. I'm visiting from the Empowered Living hop. I'm an American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa. You can also link your post here on my blog at http://abooksandmore.blogspot.com/2013/01/picture-perfect-party-linky-22.html

  8. Absolutely amazing pics... I LOVE the "Color Collection of the Week". SUCH a good idea and a great way to challenge yourself while providing readers new and exciting content. Keep up the good work! http://sightsandsenses.com/ - Nicole

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  10. My goodness, these are lovely!! What kind of camera do you use?? I'd love to take shots like this...


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  19. Nature is amazing, as is your photography. I loved looking at this post. Autumn is usually my favourite time of year, but after my awesome summer, it seemed a bit of an anti-climax this year. Following from the hop. Thank you for co-hosting.


  20. So beautiful. You have such a gift with photography.

  21. I'm always a sucker for nature shots that capture the natural beauty the surrounds us. They are gorgeous. This post made me smile and appreciate nature more for its rawness and absolute beauty.

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