Henkelite Cemetery

Henkelite Cemetery in Mount Pleasant, NC (which is the rival beside my hometown of Concord)  is the resting place of many confederate soldiers.  It is also known as a haunted area site where, supposedly at night, you can hear the sound of marching and gunfire. Some people have even seen confederate soldiers standing guard in their military dress and pictures have developed with children playing in the grass.  

We had heard of this cemetery in high school, but could never find it, or had passed the road and never realized where it lead, but a friend of mine started dating a local firemen who knew exactly where it was and took them to visit, so when I came home for the holidays we ventured back to the spot and took a moment to remember the past.  Half a mile down a dirt road, surrounded by forest and fields was a small fenced in plot of land, with confederate flags are still flying to remember those who fought in the battles before.  Most of the headstones are cracked or broken, and many have eroded down to become unreadable.  However they tell a story that cannot be heard and leave a mark for others to come.

The steeple is from the old Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, from 1878, but it has been deteriorating now for years, yet the weathered boards and bolts show their age and their history.

I don't know why I've always thought cemeteries were kind of beautiful.  Maybe it's the idea that these people once saw the place I am now in a different way, in their own way, and while separated by time, I still feel a connection to who they once were.  So I hope you enjoy these pictures that capture a place of a different time and a different space.


  1. I agree, cemeteries have this beauty about them. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Cemeteries ARE beautiful, especially older ones. I love the intricacy of the smaller stones rather than the large monuments and statues. I don't know if you've ever been to Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, but that's one crowded and over-the-top place. I think it takes away from the calm.

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    these are some GREAT images!
    For some reason i do like being at cemeteries.
    Some of them are so peaceful and humbling

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  4. Hi Hannah! If that place is really haunted, then you are a verry brave woman!

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  5. OMG !!! HAUNTED CEMENTRY ...I am really scared of these things but enjoyed reading your article .

  6. Thank you for the blog love from BBN! I was flattered to get your commment so I traveled over to your page to realize we are oddly from the EXACT SAME AREA. I live in Concord/MP! Small world! Keep in touch!

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  7. I agree with you!! People find cemeteries morbid, but I find them peaceful and full of character. Obviously they're full of history as well and it always excites me to see the dates on the headstones. I love the way you captured this!

  8. I love your photos! I graduated from MP high! Never knew of this cemetery. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great photos!!! You do awesome work!

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