Recently we celebrated my college roommate and dear friend's 23rd birthday!  I couldn't go down to Charlotte for her night on the town, but for her actually birthday she had a quiet bonfire at home with her family and friends.  Of course every bonfire must also come with smores, so we spent the night roasting marshmallows and telling silly stories about the 23 years of Jessi.  It was so nice to keep warm by the fire and laugh with old friends, while Abbey, the golden retriever, held my hand all night.  I'm so glad she had a great birthday with a cozy way to start off the year!


  1. Happy Birthday to your friend ...Lovely Golden Retriever...I wish I could go for a walk with him right now :-D

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  5. aw i love your dog! These are beautiful images!



  6. Thanks for sharing your blog over at Thumping Thursdays, these pictures are beautiful!

    Diana @ Nanny2Mommy


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