Glasses are a Statement

So I hate contacts.  I don’t like the idea of something touching my eyeball and it bothers me when people ask if my eyes are so blue because I have contacts in.  Since I don’t have bad enough vision where I have to wear glasses or contacts at all times, but I am nearsighted and choose to wear glasses when I need to see a board, when I go to the movies, when I go to museums or when I attend sporting events.

But if I’m going to wear glasses I want to be in love with them!  I find glasses cozy, you always see a girl with leggings and a sweatshirt enjoying a cup of tea wearing glasses, and that is my ideal lounging attire!  But when I go on a date to the movies, I still want them to look sassy enough to wear out! However it's so hard to find a pair of nice cheap glasses, one's that aren't $400 and I'm terrified to wear them since they might get scratched.

You can see in my photo from Boston my current eyeglasses!  I love the black classic style, because they make more of a statement then the rimless or super thin frames, and the square shape fits my face better and makes my eyes stand out more! 

Below are a series of frames that I found on GlassesUSA.com!  They have so many choices on their site that I just had to keep scrolling!  These were my favorites!  All of them a different style for a different kind of look, but I could see myself wearing any of them!

So today I have a special offer just for my lovely Thirsty World readers!  GlassesUSA.com is offering READER DISCOUNTS!  Their storewide offer is 15% off + FREE shipping on your entire order (over $50)!  Thirsty World Reader Discount Code: FS15.  or Take 10% off any order for prescription glasses!  Code: Blog10.

1.iSee736Black / 2.Elanna / 3.OneWA0001 White Leather / 4.Reese Jakob6025 Green / 5.Eight470C Green / 6.Alicia Mauve

Also, they have this really great virtual mirror tool where you can "try on" your favorite eyeglasses frames!  I probably played with every pair they have on it!  But I think the Elanna pair is calling my name!  Don't you? :D


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  2. I always hated wearing my contacts, I would save them for special occasions.

  3. How strange - I have a drafted post about Firmoo to post this weekend after I take photos and it reads almost identical to this! I also always loved the vision of leggings and sweatshirts and boots and glasses. Or sitting at the coffee shop in my glasses working on school work. At least I'm not alone in weird love of glasses and my phobia of contacts (gross)! I always wore plano ones but now have to wear them essentially all the time, for reading, writing, computer, driving, watching tv. Love your pair, though!

  4. I love glasses to spice up an outfit! I love GlassesUSA.com too & I love playing with the virtual mirror. I hope your having a great weekend!


  5. i love the classic or the bold ones.

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  7. I love your glasses! I totally agree if I'm going to wear them then they better look good and not be too expensive!

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    p.s. I always wished I *really* needed glasses... these are some adorable picks!

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  10. LOVE this!
    I am a glasses kind of girl too!
    I get annoyed paying hundreds of dollars for glasses so this will be a great tool!
    Thanks girl!


  11. I'm so glad to hear someone else say this. I can't stand the thought of something going toward my eyes or my eyeball much less. My husband has to put in his contacts when I'm not around due to this.


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