Green Spider

HERE IT IS :: The final piece in my triptych of green bugs!!  For the new readers, (first off welcome! you are greatly appreciated!), I started these drawing as something unique that would match a specific color scheme and space in my living room.  But I put so much love in them that I spent a lot of time on each one.  They turned out so beautiful and I'm so excited to hang them up!  Now I just need to find frames for them!

This drawing is based off a Huntsman Spider (with slight color changes).  Their name is given from the fact they these spiders do not build webs, but rather hunt and forge for their prey instead.  Generally this includes insects and other invertebrates but they have been known for digesting small lizards and geckos!  I don't think I'd ever want to come across a Huntsman Spider but they sure can be pretty with their lime green coloring!

I hope you have enjoyed this drawing series since I had so much fun working on them.  You can check out the other drawing posts with the links below!  Also, prints of these drawing will soon be available in my Etsy shop, which will be opening soon (keep an eye out for the grand opening post with more exciting details!).  However if you're already in love with one then email me and I'll go ahead and put in your pre-order!


  1. I love them! They ended up beautiful!

  2. Love this series! So inspiring :)

  3. These are gorgeous!


  4. Oh, wow, this is beautiful! And I almost feel silly, because I honestly thought that was a photo in the first pic, then once I realized it wasn't I was truly impressed!
    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  5. This is so great! You are extremely talented. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back.



  6. These are really cool! They look almost like a copy out of my fourth grade science project from the unit we did on bugs, haha. You're quite talented!

  7. normally i would say bugs freak me out but these are seriously beautiful. what a lovely collection for your home

    Harley & Jane

  8. Hi! Your newest follower here -- I found you through the GFC blog hop! We have IDENTICAL cats -- the Maine Coon in your pictures is my Tim! Amazing!

  9. These are wonderful, you did a beautiful job...

  10. Hey. Iv just discovered the blog hop, so am a new follower. Just thought I'd pop by and say Hi.

    And these are beautiful, the colours are so vivid! and i love the to see the progression of a peice too.


  11. I love this series, so amazing! :)

  12. Great Post,Love the pictures <3

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  14. You are such a creative individual... I love your work!

    And you're right, that cat is precious. :) I originally wanted a tuxedo cat, but at the animal shelter it was my little Marcello that needed me the most.
    More than happy to follow you back! :)

  15. You are so talented!!! Swinging by with the GYB hop. Check me out @ www.feelingtheemptynest.blogspot.com when you have the time. Thanks!

  16. Hi, I'm Kara stopping by from the New Bloggers group on 20sb to say hi. Your work is beautiful, I never had the patience for building up color with colored pencils... so I stuck to painting instead. This series will look fantastic framed and hanging on a wall.

  17. These are awesome!
    I love seeing art process/progress shots.


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