April Calendar is Here!

Hello April!  Where did March go?  I was sure spring would be here by now but these 30 degree mornings are still holding on strong!  April will be a month of change for me!  Both exciting and a little frustrating, I'm looking forward to the endless possibilities of the future. As with any change, they bring endings, but more importantly they bring new beginnings! So for April's calendar I wanted to think warm and happy thoughts to encourage spring to be a little more quick on it's feet and bring a few good things my way!  April will be busy for me so you'll be getting a lot of new updates!

What can you expect from Thirsty World for April:
-a big announcement (so excited!!)
-some minor changes and updates
-lots of spring festivities
-and a fruity fancy drink

I also still have several sponsorship spaces open for the upcoming month, so if you're interested in a little blog expansion just email me at hannahfairweather@gmail.com.

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