A Tea for Spring

Anyone can enjoy a hot cup of tea on a cold winter night to warm up after a long day.  But with a grandmother who savors her daily tea time, and parents who have always been tea enthusiasts I am naturally a year round tea drinker.  So when the temperature starts to rise, I love looking for new tea blends or flavors that seem fitting for the warmer months.  I was really excited when I found this Citrus Lavender Sage herbal tea.  I was immediately enticed by the smell wafting from the Teavana shop, and after sampling several of the teas that were on display that day, this one was by far my favorite!

This spring has been a season full of sage for me.  It started with a sage and grapefruit scented candle I bought that filled my apartment with lovely citrus and earthly sage smells.  Then I got a small sage plant and a bowl of grapefruits for my kitchen to add to the fresh, uplifting aroma.  So it was only fitting that my tastes would draw me toward the Citrus Lavender Sage tea!  If anyone is itching to try a new flavor or needs a summery/spring scent, I certainly say to go for the sage and grapefruit combination!  The colors together are so cheerful and the scent is a bold enough choice while still being able to have a light and fresh appeal.

I had never ventured into the world of loose tea until this spring.  With the convenience of tea bags and small kitchen space, I had never really been able to enjoy the process of making tea, but that all changed around this past Christmas when my mom and aunt somehow read each other's minds and both got me some beautiful tea accessories, several of which worked better for a loose tea blend.  So when I finally came across a blend that I adored I just went for it and invested in a loose tea canister, a delicate, ceramic, to-go loose tea thermos, a modern teapot, and a warmer to match (I've been craving to have a clear teapot since last year and I finally found one I loved enough to get!  I'm hoping to buy some blooming tea this summer, so keep a eye out for that post!).  Now that I have expanded my horizons on the tea front, I have so many more options in front of me and can't wait to try more loose tea blends!

Happy Tea Time All, now you know what I'll be drinking this month!

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