It's official.  North Carolina had an entire day of sunshine!  As most of you on the east coast have been experiencing, we've had 18 days straight of rain, maybe not pouring, but it has rained for a least 30 minutes every day for three weeks. And then there finally came a day of sun!  I've been so lucky to be able to go home several times this month, probably more then I have in the past two years.  But spending time with my parents and getting to see my girlfriends who live distances away has lifted my spirits.  Home is a place a family and old friends and there aren't many times a year when we can all be together in Concord.

Nina, who I visited in Boston last year, was home for a family event and we were able to spend an afternoon lounging around her house before she headed back north.  The humid air and falling sunlight made for some glowing photos of her mother's garden and her father's horses.  I hope you can spend a few summer days at home with your loved ones this year!


  1. Hasn't the rain been so crazy this summer!?
    This looks so fun to be able to be surrounded by horses! Lucky.


  2. The rain has been non-stop hasn't it?! I'm glad the suns out but now the humidity is almost unbearable... I think I would truly melt without air conditioning. Your friends horses are beautiful!

    1. A.C. is in my top ten inventions of all time that i could never live without! People in the south do not take it for granted! haha

  3. We've had nothing but sunshine in Vancouver...you should come out here! Loving those pictures. Those horses are so great!

  4. Horse noses are one of my favorite things, so soft. I'm so glad the sun finally came out, although I do enjoy a good summer thunderstorm.

  5. Hello! I'm visiting from the GYB link up today.

    I am really enjoying your nature photos! (Well, most of your photos in general!) LOL You have some amazing shots captured. I'm in GA and I know exactly what you mean about the rain!! Shhh - don't say it too loudly, but the sun is out here today.... We had 76 degrees on the 4th of July. Crazy weather!

    Debi @ That Crafty Lunch Lady


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