Maxie B's Meet-up!

This weekend marked the first meet-ups of the Southern Blogger Society summer event.  Every state will be holding an event for bloggers to meet and greet and get to know some new SBS members throughout the next week.  As the North Carolina state representative I planned the event, we had on Saturday, in Greensboro, mid-point between Charlotte and Raleigh.  We meet at Maxie B's Bakery, one of my favorite spots in town! Their cakes and cupcakes are renown to all Greensboro locals and is always my first pick for sweet treats!  My personal choice is the hummingbird cake, but with unique flavors such as 7up, pink lemonade, thin mint, mocha buttercream, and chocolate mousse there's something for everyone's taste!  However, if the delicious cupcakes aren't reason enough to stop by the bakery, the atmosphere they have created is just beautiful!  It's the small details they've included into their new renovated decor that makes the ambience soft and intimate. It is the perfect place to host any meeting especially for a group of bloggers who love to photograph pretty food, places, and people, as all bloggers do.

For our morning meeting I choose a light strawberry cupcake, with real fruit filling, and a cup of Raspberry Zinger tea.  Even though our meet-up was small, it was so great to meet some fellow NC bloggers and I got to know two sweet ladies a little bit better!  Check out their blogs with the links below!


  1. Beautiful photos! That places is gorgeous and y'all look lovely!

  2. Wow, this looks so good! I'm moving to Greensboro next month so I'll be checking this place out for sure!

  3. These are such great shots!! It was SO nice meeting you Hannah! Can't wait for future SBS meet-ups! :)


  4. Oh your pictures are great! I had such a great time meeting and talking with you and Grace! We'll definitely have to get coffee one day soon since we're both in gso!

  5. Hi, I saw your blog on the link-up today. I love reading about people in other countries. Your photos are lovely, what a great place to meet!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  6. I hate I missed out on this meet-up! Maybe I'll be able to catch another one some time! I love Maxie B's...the hummingbird cake is also my fave! I used to live and work in Greensboro but now I'm right outside of High Point. Glad you all had a great time!


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