Rainy Day Art

It's that time of year again, for another adventure and another place to add to my collection!  Last week I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to see Amy, a good girlfriend from college. It's always more fun to share trips with people close to you, having more laughs, a second opinion and a local tour guide. 

On our first day of adventuring in Atlanta, we went to the High Museum of Art, somewhere Amy had been wanting to explore and I, as an artist, am drawn to by nature. We were lucky to see their latest exhibit of Dutch painters including Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring! It was such a beautiful collection of paintings where I could have spent hours staring at the delicate flower still lives or the warm landscapes that make even a blizzard scene look cozy and inviting.

Museums become the keynote of my travels since art lifts my spirits and inspires my creative soul. I hope these beautiful images I collected from the day inspires you and gives you a little taste of the High Museum of Art.

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  1. Very cool. There is nothing like a day at an art museum. I especially love the bike piece, who is it by?



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