Georgia Aquarium

I've said this before, but I have a fascination with aquariums.  They are breathtakingly beautiful and they have a serenity that is hard to come by on land.  The Georgia Aquarium houses 120,000 animals, representing 500 species, in 8.5 million gallons of marine and fresh water; it was the world's largest aquarium when it opened in 2005. 

My favorite sea creature is the sting ray, they glide through the water like a bird glides through the air. Standing 10 inches away from them, I just put my hand against the glass and almost feel the manta ray's silk wings swim by.  Standing in the IMAX of aquarium displays was a whole new experience, just sitting and watching all the animals around me.  Even the dancing jellyfish and the tiniest seahorse, with its tail woven around the seaweed have a genuine beauty. Every time I leave an aquarium I have a new sense of calm around me and can only image a life away from the sun and into the deep dives of the blue ocean.


  1. Your pictures are awesome! I love having the aquarium in our city :)

  2. Hi there, I'm Hanna! I'm co-hosting the Aloha Friday hop this week and just wanted to stop by, say hi and follow your blog :)


  3. Really enjoying your photos! I'm so very excited to visit the aquarium!


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