Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Here's another post with a photo overload, but being surrounded by so much natural beauty at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens it was impossible not to snap my camera constantly!  This was my favorite day in Atlanta, after all the rain we finally managed to have one afternoon with perfect temperature and no clouds, ideal for an outdoor adventure!

This summer the gardens are hosting the Imaginary Worlds exhibit, which has toured all over Europe and is now seen for the first time in the US.  Imaginary Worlds is a series of beautiful living sculptures that tower over visitors, creating a larger then life wonderland!  Between these amazing sculptures and the exotic orchid house, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a place to reconnect to the Earth Goddess and to find her in yourself.


  1. Gorgeous photos, if I'm ever in Atlanta I want to visit it looks beautiful!

  2. You have some fantastic photos! I'm very much enjoying your blog. I've always wanted to go to Atlanta, and your photos confirm that I'll need to go soon. :)

  3. Just beautiful! My sister and her family moved to Lawrenceville last October and I have yet to visit. I'll have to make time to stop by the gardens when I'm in Atlanta. I also want to go to the Georgia Aquarium!!

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