Gone with the Wind

Every trip I take on my own tends to have a theme. Sometimes I plan it out accordingly, but more often they manifest themselves throughout my journey.  This one was a little more obvious.  

In high school my senior year English teacher was having a book giveaway to make room in her library for newer copies.  I grabbed an old paperback of Gone With The Wind and have held onto it for seven years now and haven't had the time to open it, especially considering it's 1024 pages long.  But it seemed fitting to pack since I was on my way to Atlanta for the first time.  My goal is to finish it by September, so whenever I had a lazy moment on the couch, I'd read a few chapters, diving into a different time of Atlanta's past, when Peachtree wasn't a four lane highway, but a dirt road where ladies in hoop shirts walked to their grand houses.

I didn't plan on going to the Margaret Mitchell Museum, author of Gone With The Wind, I didn't even think about looking for it actually. But while riding the Marta, I heard the announcer mention the stop and it seemed to call to me. For a last minute trip, I stopped by the house and learned a little more about her and where the story came from.  I even got to sit on a bench in her courtyard and read the book where it was written, which was a pretty awesome moment.  For one, Margaret Mitchell was an extremely private person and would probably be appalled that there is a museum in her honor.  She was a cat lady and a tom boy.  She only wrote the book as an way to deter boredom after an accident that caused to be bedridden for a few months, making her to have to quit her job at the local newspaper.  She wasn't even planning on publishing it and she wrote the last chapter first and the first three chapters last.  I haven't quite gotten to the end and in truth I may be a little behind my deadline, but it makes me even more intrigued to know how it will end so I can see it the way she did, a women who came from a family from Jonesboro with fathers who fought in the civil war.  Plus finally finishing it will give me a great excuse for an extra long movie night.

Day 1: Journey down 1-85, Wine Wednesday at Dantana's
Day 2: Take the Marta to the High Museum of Art
Day 3: Shopping in Little Five Points
Day 4: Mimosa Brunch at Bricktops in Buckhead, Afternoon at the Botanical Gardens, Dinner and Drinks at Tap
Day 5: Georgia Aquarium, Sushi dinner
Day 6: Lunch and shopping in Decauter, Journey back up I-85.

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  1. O My Goodness!!! SO awesome!!! Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie and my blog is even inspired by it!


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