During a weekend at home, on a evening walk with my Dad during the golden hour, we stopped to admire our neighbors blueberry garden. The ripening berries were in such a wide range of mint green to dusty rose to dark fuchsia and finally into a deep plum wine. Maybe I haven't taken the time to stop and really notice the colors blueberries go through from to make them the deep purple and blue they end up being when they are finally picked and eaten.

If you haven't been able to notice from my blog design, I love the cool color palette with lots of greens and purples. With the hint of coral and raspberry, these berries have all of my favorites.  I couldn't help but share these beautiful photos I captured when the light was perfect and right before a thunderstorm hit. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, as the indian summer approaches right before fall encroaches.  


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos!! I went blueberry picking with my family a few weeks ago and was struck by the colors as well; I had no idea that they were so beautiful & colorful.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! Makes me want to grab them! :P

  3. Thank you for making me conscious about the colour changing of the frostlike blueberries. They indeed make a beautiful colour palette.

    Blog-hug Nina Joy


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