Boston NightLights

I've been fascinated with city nightlights since I was a little girl, when my Dad and I would take drives through Charlotte.  Whenever I come to a major city I make it a point to take a stroll through the streets when the nightlights shine the brightest.

415 Hanover Street, Boston MA 02113
Lucia's has a warm atompshere with its exposed brick walls and wine bottle decor.  We shared an appetizer of fresh bruschetta with feta and basil to start which complemented my entree of creamy alfredo.  Italian is always my comfort food on a cold night.

Mike's Pastry
300 Hanover Street, Boston MA 02113

          Sadly I lost all my pictures from Mike's Pastrys, but you can tell by this picture from my phone how crowded the shop was, and apparently the line never seems to shorten!  But its definately a line worth waiting in!  I'd never had a cannoli until my trip to Mikes.  They only take cash, which helps get people through the line faster, but for three dollars your get a canoli thats enough for two.  We got two to share, one Oreo and one Florentine,which had a waffle cone-like shell instead of the classic softer one.  To fully appreciate them you have to really have a sweet tooth they are so rich!

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