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          Several of my high school friends were back in Concord this weekend, and as we've spread out over the east coast, visiting hours are few and far between, so I spent some of my weekend at home, catching up with old friends and soaking up some family time.
          Can you even imagine how excited I was to learn that Instagram has finally come out with an Android version!  Maybe I was a little delayed, but now I can finally become an active participant in the rapidly growing world of iphoneography, without the iphone!  

So here's my afternoon in Concord, according to my Instagram!
1.  California Club (with guacamole :D) from Jason's Deli
2.  Growing outside the box
3.  Mother's Day Fushica
4.  Goose Crossing
5.  Backyard Wild Bamboo
6.  Einstein Observing from the Sidelines

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