Hello 2013

Dear 2012,
You have been so good to me.  Beyond good actually, you have changed my life completely!

A year ago I was stressed out so much, I couldn't think of anything else, and so unmotivated that I thought I was on a downward slope and I just couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But what I also couldn't see, was that going through it all would teach me lessons that would guide me to a new life; one with creativity, fellowship, family, beauty, and so much love.

With that having been said, I am just so grateful to have been so lucky this year!  While 2012 was probably one of the best years I've have for a long time, I know that it has also been stressful, damaging, and heartbreaking for others.  So I hope that 2013 will rise on a better year for all those who have struggled in 2012.

Let's Have a Brief Recap of 2012's Positive Karma:
February: Started going out & about more, Meet this cool guy Vlad (its a real cute story)
July: GOT MY FIRST BIG GIRL JOB, Moved into a new (nicer) apartment,  Remember that cool guy? We started dating :D 
August: Got a new-for-me car
November:  Invested in the IPhone club so I can blog on location :D , Retired my dorm room futon for a real life-size sofa, Celebrated Thanksgiving with my both my parents and my Greensboro family
December:  This lovely blog hit 300 followers (from having 0 in May),  Celebrated the holidays with amazing people

So Hello 2013,
You may not know it yet, but you will be amazing too.  I have so many things planned for you and I can't wait to see where you will take me!  

Here are my resolutions for 2013, a slight change from my previous year's but I'm ready for the new year to begin and a fresh start to see what I can do now!

Try 5 New Things: Since 2010 I have made the New Year's Resolution to go to 5 New Places each year.  And have made it to 13 total!  

2010:  Charleston:SC,  Los Angeles:CA,  Asheville:NC,  Williamsburg:VA,  Outer Banks:NC
2011:   New York City:NY,  Indianapolis:IN,  Chicago:IL,   Grandfather Mountain, Banner Elk:NC

But now that I have a full time, big girl job, it's much harder to travel as freely.  So instead of specifically going to 5 new places, I'm altering my resolution to doing 5 things I've never done before!  This will hopefully give me a chance to check some boxes off my bucket list!  More on that to come soon!

Go Back to Yoga: I took a yoga class the summer before last and I loved it, but then time and classes got ahead of me and I had to take a break.  But now, with a routine schedule I can count on, I would really love to find a class that I can plan on going to again!  It will also encourage me to simply exercise more and eat a little more mindfully. What's good for the body and is always good for the soul!

Continue a Hobby: During college, there's always something to work on, something that needs to get done before the deadline, but now when I come home from work I find myself cleaning the house, going out or watching TV.   My goal is to get back to my basics, take on a project and do something more creative with my free time!  I recently started working on adding things to my Etsy Shop, and I really want to continue that into the new year!
So remember this post?  Well here are the final results!  These two beautiful photographs were taken on my birthday this past year by Ellie M. Mckinney (remember the best friend that got married this year...yup that's her!)  You can check out her blog here! Sometimes I just don't know what I'd do without her!


  1. I wish you a happy and healthy 2013!!! :)

  2. I wish you all the best for the new year!! I love yoga and it's on my list too!

  3. Love the 5 new things idea! Happy New Year!

  4. Hannah!!! So glad I found you. I'm in NC as well.

    This photo shoot is fantastic!! Your friend is so talented. I hope you get back into yoga...I need to do the same. I love yoga and pilates!

  5. What lovely post, great photographs by the way.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2013.

  6. Hello, and thanks for linking up on the GYB hop! I'm enjoying getting to know some new blogs, and reconnecting with ones I've visited before. I'm your newest GFC follower, and I look forward to getting to know you better :) This is such a great post 00 it's so good to look back and see where we have come from. Happy New Year!

  7. Wow! What an awesome post! You take great pictures!! I am your newest follower, found ya through the Blog Hop! Yay! I am looking forward to you new stories in 2013! Come by and visit some time!

    Tracy @ www.lifecupcakesandlife.com

  8.  Hi, great post. I found you through the blog hop. Please stop  by and say hi when you get a chance.  .Be sure and check out my new Blog Hop that started. It's Weekly Goals Link Up. It's a great way to stay on track. Have a great day. :) Now following you. 
    Here's the link for it if you would like to check it out.


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